“Throne of Glass” book review!!


Ah! I was surprised at how much I LIKED this book! I done some research on youtube and instagram and there were a lot of mixed reviews. So I wasn’t sure if I would like it. I am so happy I bought the second book when I got this one, that way I can get started right away!

Ok Spoilers! So if you don’t want to be spoiled or haven’t read the books before stop right here! Also for whoever reads this I want to remind you that the thoughts I’ll be expressing are my own so if you disagree or anything that’s ok!

Lets talk characters! The main character, the one on the cover of all the books, is Celaena. She’s a notorious assassin who got sent to Endovier, which is a awful salt mine. No bueno. She has some problems but she’s cool. The next character is Chaol who is my favorite. He’s the captain of the royal guard. He shows throughout the book that he likes Celaena. Then there’s Dorian who is the crown prince, son of the man who has made Celaena’s life a living hell. He also likes her. And here we have a love triangle! Us, as readers, catch onto this fairly early on. However, Celaena doesn’t until around the 30th chapter. Personally I was annoyed by this. She’s a trained assassin, how did she not know that these two men had feelings for her? Right now I think she still favors Dorian more, but she was strong enough to end it. So I think that her and Chaol’s relationship will grow and she’ll end up favoring him more.I’m totally team Chaol. DRAMA! But! Something that I liked about this book was that the drama didn’t make it too “girly” or “fluffy”. There are some other main characters who are either friends or enemies (Kaltain is a bitch most of the time until the end), but I’m not going to go into too much detail. Characters from both parties are pretty intense but not in a immature way. By saying that I mean that the enemies and monsters are truly dangerous. And the friends have to earn their trust, and are truly friends.

It has magic! Which doesn’t really come into play until around the middle of the book, but there’s a reason for that. Up until that point there was violence and everything but it mostly had to do with politics. Then we see how magic fits in and it makes the novel so much crazier. When I read the inside cover about what it was about it all seemed straight forward. It wasn’t like that at all, there were so many twists and turns it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

I give it a 4/5 stars!



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