“Crown of midnight” book review


This book friends, was amazing. I’ll say a few things before the spoilers start. If you’ve read the first book and didn’t like it, and are hesitant to read the second one, just do it. You won’t regret it, promise. Rent it from the library that way if you don’t like it, you won’t have to waste money on it. But it is worth it to read. Ok I’m going to start the spoilers.



That relationship with Chaol and Caelena was amazing. I was wanting them to be together through the whole first book. So when they finally had that first kiss and slept together I was like “YES! Finally!” Plus how it was written made it truly seem like they love each other. Therefore when Caelena attacked him and stopped talking to him I was sad. Not just because they weren’t together but you could tell that each person was struggling.

The character development with Dorian was lovely. I felt like we don’t see as much of him compared to Caelena and Chaol, but he still had a main, important part. We find out, through certain events, that he does have magic. He also, to me, seems more like a man. He’s starting to voice his opinions and accept what Caelena sees their relationship as. I liked Dorian much more in this book than in the last one.

Speaking of magic, there’s a lot more of it in this novel which I love! There’s a character named yellowlegs who is pretty creepy. She even scares the main characters a little bit. The whole novel is basically Caelena trying to figure out what all these clues mean and trying to piece everything together. A lot of these clues and what they deal with have to do with magic. In the end we even find out that Caelena herself is Fae. So now we have two characters that have magical tendencies. It’s so cool! This also leads to the crazy ending of the book, where Chaol figures out that Caelena is the lost princess/queen. WHOA that was a crazy ending!

I ordered the third book, and I’m really excited to read it and see what happens. Especially with that cliffhanger! I’m also curious to see where the next book will be taking place since this one ended with Caelena leaving to a new land. I haven’t looked up and reviews or anything for it, so it’ll be a complete surprise!

4 out of 5 stars!


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