April wrap up


This month I read 5 books! 5 books to me is a good amount to read in a month. I’m proud of myself. This month I read:
Lady midnight -5/5
Crown of midnight -4/5
Queen of sorcery -3/5
Paranormalcy -3/5
A darker shade of magic -5/5
“Queen of sorcery” and “paranormalcy” were my slowest reads. However by the end of both, I found myself interested in the stories. The rest of the books here I read fairly quickly. Especially “a darker shade of magic”. At the beginning it was a tad slow but by the second chapter it picked up. I think I might actually post a review for it later on. There’s just so much to talk about!
For may, on my bookstagram a friend is doing a tbr bingo that ends in a giveaway. It’s so fun and exciting! So instead of figuring out my may TBR now I’m going to be doing that. 🙂


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