Barns and noble b fest 2016

Ok I’ve tried writing this post before but it deleted it somehow. This past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I went to the bfest that barns and noble was hosting. It was amazing! Although at the stores I was at, it was really slow. But I won a whole bunch of things and I met a couple really great authors. Something I liked about this event is that it was at every barns and noble store in America. I’ve never been to any book conventions so this was a huge deal for me! I have a bunch of pictures to share with you all so I will get started.


I’m going to keep this photo big just so that you guys can see all the beautiful covers. These are all the books I got over the weekend. There’s going to be a few other pictures where I talk about each one and their authors. Most of these I bought to get signed, but there are a couple that I bought and won. I’m starting to realize that I have just this huge, ginormous TBR list. Have you guys ever felt that way? Where your reading just like normal and then you suddenly notice how many books you need to read. I’m excited to read all these books but I can’t tell you how soon I’ll read them. I think what I’ll probably end up doing is reading a book from each author and post reviews.


All of the swag! This isn’t really all of it, there’s some more bookmarks, stickers, and temporary tattoos. Most of what you see here are chapter samplers which I LOVE! Oh my gosh I had never gotten chapter samplers before and now that I have a bunch I am just so excited. They are such great ideas as well. These are going to get me so excited for the book and most likely I will end up buying them. Of course I’m especially pumped for: Tales of the Peculiar, Carve the Mark, The Call, The Diabolic, and The Fever Code. I got the other ones too because I’m always up for reading something I normally wouldn’t. Because who knows? I may like it!


These are the books I got signed the second day which was Saturday. I’m going to start with “Forbidden” by Kimberly Griffiths Little. Before I go further you guys should know I haven’t read any of these books but they truly look and sound good. If they didn’t I wouldn’t have bought them. So friends, you should still check out these wonderful books. Moving on. Kimberly was so sweet and she even asked for my blog information! The book is the first of three and she has written other children novels. “Forbidden” is romantic and adventurous which I think it going to be so fun to read. The second book here is “This Old Man” by Lois Ruby. Lois Ruby was so so nice and encouraged me to write the story that I’m working on more. “This Old Man” deals with unlikely friendships set in San Francisco. The tote is something I won. What do you guys think I should put in the blank?


These are all my Carolyn Meyer books. Along with the books I just mentioned above, all of these are signed! Which I think is just awesome and amazing. I have been a fan of Carolyn Meyer ever since I read the stories she wrote for the Royal Diaries. As you can imagine I was pretty excited to meet her and get all these beautiful books. Most of what she writes is historical fiction. So if that’s something you’re into check these out! And she was honestly the nicest lady. All of the authors were so nice and talked to me.


Last part of this super long post! I bought “The Raven Boys” and “The Dream Thieves”. I have been looking for these books and whenever I look they are never in stock. But this time they  were in! So I bought them right away. I won “Afterworld” by Scott Westerfield. This book is massive too! And the pages are so white. Did anybody else notice that or am I weird?

That concludes my bfest haul and adventure! Talk to you guys soon!



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